Restorative Justice


Recently PFC began operating Non Violent Communication (NVC) initiatives under its overall thrust of restorative justice. The initial goal was to promote the use of non violent communication techniques by prison staff in resolving disciplinary disputes in prisons. PFC piloted the project in Kandal Prison in 2012. Ninety eight prison staff and twenty prison cell leaders went through the five day program, with many initial participants receiving shorter follow up sessions.  In 2013 PFC expanded it training to an additional 90 prisoners, and 101 prison cell leaders and prison staff.

Another restoration initiative began by appropriately matching 15 offenders with victims in forgiveness and in healing relationships.  As well a Mother’s Day Program brought together twenty juvenile offenders and 16 of their mothers to positively deal with broken family relationships.

PFC continues to explore programmes that are designed to bring healing to prisoners and victims. Ultimately the goal is to assist each person on their path of restoration, helping them to take responsibility, find forgiveness and restore relationships.


Please consider partnering in PFC’s Restorative Justice programs.

$75 will provide the opportunity for a prisoner to join one of the up coming programs.