PFC’s reintegration service was launched in 2004 with the opening of the Blue Gate House drop-in centre in Phnom Penh. As a primary centre for post-release emergency aid services, Blue Gate House is located about 20 minutes from Cambodia’s two national prisons and a large provincial prison. Most of our clients at Blue Gate House come from these prisons. In other provinces we have a network of dedicated local church partners who receive released prisoners and who may send them to Blue Gate House for further assistance. Each client receives accommodation, food, starter packs and fares for transport home.

Our service:

PFC’s reintegration service is run by a hard-working team of social workers, support workers and vocational trainers to support clients in their journey from prison back into their communities. Within prisons, our focus is on assessing clients on their pre-release needs, and providing one on one and group counseling services. Following release, we support clients with emergency aid services as needed including immediate accommodation; counseling; mediation; family assistance; vocational training; income generation; apprenticeships; medical checks and minor operations.

Who we help:

Prisoners nearing release, to ensure that they are prepared and empowered to return to their communities fully restored and motivated; to contribute positively to their families and community; and to lower re-offence rates.

Our Impact:

PFC’s Blue Gate House is Cambodia’s primary prisoner reintegration service to date, and has served 2,500 men, women and children leaving prison. Prior to release clients may participate in a personal development program which aims to teach them about themselves and others, and the ways they interact; learning to control anger; and to begin thinking of themselves and others in a positive healthy way. Clients have developed more positive attitudes, confidence and self-awareness.



Consider donating to PFC’s Reintegration service.

$150 will help support a reintegrated client and their family by starting a new business, providing sustainable income.