Freedom for Children of Prisoners


PFC’s children and family support service, named the Children of Prisoners project, primarily addresses the needs of the children of parents in prison who are left with caregivers in the community. The purpose of this project is to protect children of prisoners from exploitation, abuse and neglect and ensure they are cared for in healthy family-based environments in their community. It aims to ensure children maintain contact with their parents where safe and appropriate, and that healthy relationships are continued for the period of imprisonment and beyond.

Our service:

We work with whole families outside of the prisons to support them with food, medical and education supplies when the main provider of the family is in prison.
PFC carries out needs assessments, provides support to families and caregivers, and provides the mechanism for long-term foster care for some children.
We conduct focus group discussions with children to support and empower them to plan for their futures. We also work with teachers to monitor children’s progress at school.
A dedicated local church partner in Phnom Penh also hosts children and caregivers who come to Phnom Penh to visit incarcerated parents.
In partnership with Children in Families (local NGO), we provide emergency foster care for children who need care while their parent/s are in prison.

Who we help:
Children of prisoners are the focus of the project but the benefits flow on to their families, caregivers and their wider communities. Mothers and fathers in prison are also comforted knowing their children are being cared for in a safe environment. PFC conducts community training for families, caregivers and whole communities caring for children of prisoners. The community training includes: the rights of children; good parenting skills and basic healthcare.

Our impact:

The CoP project helps ensure the safety of children with parents in prison through providing them a secure, family-based environment in which to grow and learn.
PFC ensures children have adequate access to education and healthcare services, while also helping to maintain family relationships with incarcerated parents.
PFC worked with over 176 children in 2013.
PFC continues to work on reducing the number of emergency cases emerging, which are usually the result of years of incarceration and lack of support. Each year we are seeing the lives of prisoners children improve.

Help support a child today.

A donation of $30 will provide a child of a prisoner with school materials for a year.