PFC’s Education Service has been operational since 2001 when ‘moral excellence’ classes for 60 men were established in one prison. With the prison population’s literacy reported at below 50%, PFC’s aim is to improve opportunities for employment and successful rehabilitation of prisoners through providing quality academic, vocation and cultural education in prisons.

PFC’s education services are currently reaching over 3,500 people in 15 prisons across Cambodia. These include:

  • Khmer literacy
  • Foreign languages (English, Thai, Korean and Chinese)
  • Primary and high school education
  • Motorbike mechanics
  • Electronic repair
  • Welding
  • Sewing
  • Weaving
  • Haircutting
  • Diesel engine repair
  • Computer skills
  • Sport programs with Volleyball and basketball
  • Pop music (guitar and keyboard)
  • Khmer traditional music
  • Bible education and discipleship


Who we help:

Primarily prisoners (our students) to equip them with skills and training to assist in their full rehabilitation. Indirectly we also help the prisons and prison staff; families of students; and the General Department of Prisons.

Our impact:

In 2013 the education service reached 3,887 students in 15 prisons.

Of this number many of the students received Khmer literacy education of which 95% are now literate. Students now read newspapers, magazines, write letters and do calculations well. Some prisoners also help in the prison to write reports and assist in other administrative work.

During 2013, 36 students completed their high school studies allowing them to continue on to future studies.

Across Cambodia 1529 students completed bible and discipleship classes.

Please consider partnering with PFC’s education service.

$50 will provide the opportunity for a prisoner to attend a computer literacy class.