Basic Needs and Health


Due to limited resources in prisons, often access to basic needs such as substantial food and healthcare is challenging. PFC provides basic needs services to men, women and children in prisons across Cambodia.

Our service:

Food:  Often families of prisoners who live nearby take food to them, but for those prisoners who don’t have family to help, PFC provides supplementary food packs every quarter. Children who are in prisons with their mothers also receive food packs every quarter.

In order to increase food supply, PFC also provides prisoners the opportunity to raise and grow their own food while in prison. PFC provides chickens and chicken feed as well as vegetable seeds. Not only is this important for maintaining food supply, it also helps prisoners learn vocational skills in agriculture.

Health:  Support for prisoner’s health requirements, such as medicine when sick; travel to see a doctor or to hospital; and food while the prisoner is in hospital

Who we help:

PFC provides basic needs services to prisoners across 21 prisons in Cambodia. Services are provided to the neediest within the prisons.

Our impact:

  • 3121 personal item packs containing health and hygiene products were distributed in 2013.
  • 1096 prisoners received food assistance packages 4 times, totaling 4384 individual packs distributed throughout 2013.
  • 540 prisoners received warm winter clothing to cope with Cambodia’s extended cool season during 2013.
  • In partnership with other NGOs PFC facilitated over 1,600 health checks in prisons across the country.
  • 51 children living with their mothers in prison received children’s care packages 4 times throughout the year.


Consider donating to PFC’s basic needs service.

Just $25 helps provide basic food packs for a prisoner or a child in prison for a year.